Social Media  Tips for your HVAC Business


There’s no denying it: in our day and age social media is king. The saying goes “If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist.” Social media is more than pictures of meals, cat videos, and government conspiracy rants. It is also a valuable channel for businesses. Social media acts as a form of advertisement, PR, and customer service.


If you own a HVAC Business, social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to get exposure for your company. You can connect directly with customers and potential clients; answer customer queries; promote your business and services; and alert your customers of discounts and deals. Below, we break down some ways for you to use social media to advertise your HVAC Business. 

Optimize Pages

Just like for website content and copy, keywords and SEO are important for your social media pages. Search internet analytic tools for terms that are searched the most that relate to your HVAC business. The key terms should go in your “About Me” section as well as page descriptions. This will help your pages rank higher in search engines.

Website Badges

Your websites should also connect to your social media pages. Add badges to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. that link directly to those pages. These badges should be clearly visible on every page on your site.

Engaging content

The content you post on your page should also be engaging. Look up different content strategies that HVAC business use. Content should get your potential clients’ attention and make them want to like, share, or repost your content. Statistically, videos and photos get the most interaction on social media.

Offering Discounts

Offering incentives is a marketing tactic that has been used by many businesses. There’s nothing customers love more than saving money. You can offer discounts for customers who refer other customers; for the first 20 people who share a post; seasonal discounts and many more.

Promote Blogs

If you have a website, blogging is very important. Hire a writer who understands SEO and can write engaging copy. If these blogs are written properly, the copy will rank in search engines. These blogs should also have links to other pages on your website. Once the blogs are written, post them on your social media. When the social media users click your blog, it will lead them directly to your site. Great blogs topics include company news, articles about HVAC Business Insurance where you offer an HVAC Insurance quote to your potential clients, or interesting facts about the HVAC business.

Using these strategies online will help you get your business more visibility and possibly gain you more clientele. Social media is a big part of business and should be utilized to the fullest.