Understanding HVAC Installation Insurance


If you run an HVAC Installer business, you are going to need to protect you, your customers, and your equipment. This is why you need HVAC Installers Insurance. This insurance protects your business from large financial liabilities that could greatly affect your business finances. Below are a few of the coverages that come with HVAC Installers Insurance.


General Liability- This is the basic form of insurance that HVAC business owners should acquire. This protects your clients from injury and property damage caused by you.

Workers Comp- This insurance option is required for all business owners. It covers employee injuries, medical bills, and other fees related to their injury. Workers Compensation absolves your business of all liability, even if the business is at fault.

Commercial Auto- Most HVAC professionals use vehicles to complete their work. These vehicles may not be fully covered by your personal auto insurance.  With commercial auto insurance your vehicle is protected while you’re on the job. Also, your equipment is protected if it is ever damaged in a commercial vehicle related incident.

Errors and Omissions- If you make a mistake during your installation, your client can hold you accountable for the cost to redo or repair your services. This can be costly. With errors and emotions coverage, your policy will cover any losses due to mistakes.

Equipment Coverage- Sometimes equipment malfunctions or break. Sometimes it’s stolen from you. Much of the equipment that HVAC installers use is very expensive and hard to replace. With equipment coverage, your policy will protect you from the expenses of replacing the equipment.

Lease and Rented Equipment Coverage- Sometimes, leased and rental equipment isn’t covered under the Equipment Coverage option of you HVAC Installers Insurance policy. If you experience a loss with equipment or machinery you rented, this option will cover the expenses.

Employee Dishonesty- We usually try to hire people we can trust. Unfortunately, people are unpredictable and sometimes do dishonest things. If your employee steals from you or a client, this coverage option will protect you from the costs of replacing what has been stolen.

If you want to stay protected, don’t hesitate to acquire insurance for your HVAC Installation business. It’s better to have it and never use it then to need it and not have it. You can request a free HVAC Installation quote from us instantly.