Work Risks to HVAC Contractors


Every job comes with risks. Because HVAC contractor work requires physical labor, there are many liabilities present on the work site. These risks can come from equipment, strenuous activity, or hazardous materials. Because of these risks, it’s great for HVAC business owners to have HVAC Business Insurance. Below, we list some of the more common risks that HVAC contractors encounter.


Toxic Materials-

HVAC Installers often come into contact with toxic materials on the job.  These materials can range from asbestos in roofing, lead in paint, and even hazardous toxins in the materials used to set up HVAC systems. These materials can irritate skin or causing respiratory issues.


Work in the HVAC installation business requires employees to work with electrical wiring. Because HVAC systems also involve water and metal, there is a high risk of electrocution. If an installer incorrectly connects one wire or comes in contact with static, the installer may experience a startling zap. Electrocution can be anything from a small shock to a full on seizure. Ensure that your employees are taking the proper safety measures.


Sometimes, HVAC Installers are required to work long hours multiple days a week; often going above the standard 40 hours. Such long hours teamed with lack of sleep a rigorous labor work can cause a great amount of fatigue. When one is fatigued, their body may not be as strong. They also may experience incoherent thinking patterns, inability to focus and lethargy. These side effects of fatigue can lead to serious injuries like falling off of roofs, incorrectly setting up equipment, and much more.

If you own an HVAC business, do what you can to ensure that your employees are doing what they can to avoid these risks. If your installers do experience an injury, your company can be held liable. That’s why it’s important to have HVAC Installers Insurance coverage as mentioned above. This type of insurance coverage comes with Workers’ Compensation which absolves your business of liability for employee injuries.

If you’re interested in getting HVAC Business Insurance, we can help you find the best rates from the top insurance providers. Contact us now and request a free HVAC Business Insurance quote today!