The Different Types of Carpenters

One of the great things about being a carpenter is the job variety. Carpentry isn’t just about building chairs and tables; carpentry is required across a large number of industries for different reasons. If you’re planning on becoming a carpenter and starting a business, but you don’t know where to focus, allow this guide to help!

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Framing and Residential Carpenter- These carpenters help build condos, houses, apartments, and more. They are used to build exterior and exterior wooden frames as well as steps, cabinets, and roofs.

Commercial Carpenter- This type of carpenter works on building that are for commercial use. These building include hotels, business offices, government buildings, and schools. A lot of commercial carpenters also have knowledge in steel work and wall materials.

Industrial carpenter- An industrial carpenter is usually required to work on important infrastructure projects in industries like energy, resource extraction, and manufacturing. They usually work on projects like bridges, tunnels, and dams.

Bench carpenter or cabinetmaker- These carpenters usually work on smaller projects that require the cutting, shaping, and assembly of wooden items. Bench carpenters usually work with machinery like power saws. These carpenters are masters at designing and building cabinets for homes and offices, as well as drawers, dressers and storage compartments.

Furniture finisher- As the name suggests, these carpenters usually restore and repair warn and damaged furniture. They also have skills in wood-finishing.

Ship’s Carpenter- This carpenter is skilled in shipbuilding, maintenance & repair techniques, and nautical-specific carpentry. They are usually called on for emergency repairs.

Cooper- A carpenter who makes barrels.

Scenic Carpenter- These carpenters build and disassemble film sets and scenery.

Luthier- Bet you didn’t know carpenters were involved with music.  A luthier is a carpenter who’s involved with building and stringing musical instruments.

As you can see, there are numerous jobs for carpenters to do. You can choose one practice and become a master, or increase your arsenal and learn a few of them. Whatever you choose, the more skilled you are the better chance you have at getting work as a carpenter.

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