Types of Electricians


So you want to start your very own electrician business. There are many steps to starting an electrician business including coming up with a business plan, acquiring funding, forming a marketing plan, acquiring Electrician Insurance, and more.

But before you do all of those things, you must decide on a focus for your business. There are numerous focus of electrical work in which on can operate. Below we list some of the more common types of electricians and what they do.


Electrician Types

Auto Electrician- Usually deal with electrical wiring in automobiles. Jobs can range from stereo installation to car lighting and wiring.

Commercial electricians- These electricians work on construction sites and commercial buildings like corporate offices and political offices.

Domestic Electrical Installers- The most common type of electrician. Usually works on electrical issues around the home.

Highway Electrical Systems Electrician- Ensure that our street lighting systems and traffic signals are working.

Installation Electrician- This type of electrician takes on slightly larger jobs than the domestic installer. They usually install lighting,, security, and fire protection systems.

Maintenance Electrician- These electricians ensure that electrical systems and machinery are operating correctly.

Marine Electricians- Work on electrical systems related to nautical vessels like ships, boats, and yachts.

Oil Rig Electrician- These electricians primarily deal with electrical responsibilities on oil rigs.

Residential electricians- Install and maintain electrical systems in houses and apartments.

Substation Electrician- Ensures that electricity is working properly for multiple houses that depend on a designated substation.

Once you decide on the type of work you want to do, start practicing and get some experience in your field. You can create a larger customer base if you decide to have multiple areas of focus for your electrician company.

Remember that obtaining Electrician Insurance for your company is imperative, no matter what focus you decide to pursue. If you would like to know what kind of options you have, request a free Electrician Insurance Quote from us and get rapid results.