Insurance for Fence Installers


DO you work as a freelance fence installer or do you own a fence installation business. If so, you may be vulnerable to numerous risks that can affect your company. That’s why all fence installers should acquire some form of Fence Installer Insurance. This insurance protects your business, your employees, your vehicles, and you from any loss that you may experience in your work. Below we break down the different Fence Installer Insurance coverage options so that you may better understand why you need insurance for your business.

General Liability- This is the basic insurance coverage option for business owners. This option covers property damage, injury, reputation damage, and advertising loss your business caused to someone else.

Equipment Coverage- Sometimes, you’ll need special equipment to install fences. If this equipment malfunctions or gets damaged, this policy will cover the expenses to repair or replace that equipment.

Buildings and Contents- Disasters happen: sometimes they’re unpredictable. If you have a home office and it catches on fire, you could lose everything. If something happens to where your business building is damaged and everything is lost inside, you can use this policy to cover the costs of your loss.


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Electronic Data- We live in a digital age where most of our valuable information is kept on computers. If there is every a blackout or damage to your computers or servers, it’s possible to lose all of your important information including payment history, future jobs, and client lists. This information can be tough and expensive to recover. Electronic data coverage will handle the loss.

Employee Dishonesty- We usually try to hire people we can trust. Unfortunately, people are unpredictable and sometimes do dishonest things. If your employee steals from you or a client, this coverage option will protect you from the costs of replacing what has been stolen.

Commercial Vehicle- Many Fencing Installations businesses use commercial vehicles. Personal car insurance coverage does not protect you and your company vehicles. Commercial vehicle coverage will take care of multiple vehicles and the equipment they hold in the event that you experience a loss. 

Workers’ Compensation- If you run a Fencing business, you’ll most likely have employees. If you do, the law requires that you have workers’ competition insurance.  This protects your employees and relieves your business of fault in the event of an employee bodily injury.

Surety bond- Your business may be called upon to do a high profile project for a public entity. If so, you may be required to obtain a surety bond. Surety bonds are promises by a surety to another entity that you will complete the job on time and correctly. If not, the surety will replace you and cover your breach of contract. You can go here for more information on how surety bonds work.

Property Insurance

General Liability insurance protects others from property damage you may cause. Property insurance coverage protects your own property in the event that you experience a loss.

If you work as a fencing installer or run a fence installation business, you are susceptible to a lot of risks. Obtaining Fencing Installation insurance will protect you from the financial strain of covering losses. If you are interested in getting insurance, request a free instant Fence Installer Insurance quote now!

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