Garage Door Installer Insurance 101


When your business requires employees to work with machinery and electrical wiring, they are exposed to numerous risks and liabilities. Your employees aren’t the only ones at risk though; your business, your customers and their property, and your vehicles can all experience a loss. These losses can be expensive to cover. That’s why business owners should obtain a Garage Door Installers Insurance policy. This will protect you from any damages your business may experience.

Some of the common coverage options available with Garage Door Installation Insurance include:

General Liability- General Liability is the standard coverage for any business insurance policy. This coverage protects your business from bodily injury and property damage to your customers and clients and you’re at fault.

Premises Liability- Protects your customers who are injured at your business location

Completed Operations- If you make a mistake or the customer is not satisfied with your work, this coverage will pay for the cost of any refund.

Buildings and Contents- Janitorial business are required to keep a home office. In cases where the office and everything on the inside is destroyed by fire, your janitorial business insurance can cover the cost of losses.

Business Income and Extra Expense- In case of any natural disaster that prevents your company from operating, this policy will cover income lost during the interruption.

Electronic Data- Every company should store important information digitally and in hard copy. If there is a reason that any information is destroyed or lost, this coverage will cover the costs accrued by the losses.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage- If an employee steals equipment or anything important from your business, this coverage will fund the replacement of the stolen items.

Workers’ Compensation- Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to get a workers’’ compensation policy. In the case of an employee injury, workers’ comp frees the business from all liabilities and covers the employee’s medical bills and treatments.

These coverage options can come in handy for many reasons. Taking care of these issues without Garage Door Installers Insurance can be very expensive and cause a huge dent in your finances. If you want to protect your employees, your business, and your clients, contact us. We will find you the best rates from the top insurance providers in the country. You can request a free Garage Door Installers Quote today!


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