The Coolest Garage Doors you’ve ever Seen


As mentioned in one our other articles, one of the reasons customers choose garage door installers is because of the quality of their work. Many people don’t actually know how creative their garage doors can be. So we’ve combed the internet and found some of the coolest garage doors on the market. If you like them, maybe you can track down the manufacturers and offer them to your clients!

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This wooden door with wrought-iron handles is great for homes with a Mediterranean theme.


The lights above make these translucent garage doors glow.


This garage door has been designed to match the fence.



This door is made of all wood.


These wooden doors with faux wrought-iron handles gives the home a vibrant look.


Give a garage a classic barn look with these wooden doors.



These doors have murals painted on them to give them a one-of-a-kind appearance.


Study these doors and try to master their style. These doors will be sure to get your clients’ attention and make you stand out from the rest. Since these are unconventional designs, you may need some protection if you make an error or the customer is not satisfied.

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Garage Installation Insurance Quote