Janitors Insurance Facts

Janitorial insurance or commercial cleaning insurance should never be what a professional cleaner is caught without. There is so many incidents & accidents can occur when a person is working heavy equipment & harmful chemicals.

Janitorial insurance is a protective policy that covers a wide range of incidents.

  • Property damage
  • Loss or theft
  • Personal injuries
  • Property Misuse

janitor_buttonCommon Cleaning Incidents

Having valid cleaning service coverage is imperative, knowing that property damage can happen at any time. Its as simple as using the wrong cleaning agent on a sensitive floor that can cause damage to the client property. The proper cleaning service insurance can cover the costs of any replacing of floor tiles, office furniture, or carpeting. Personal injuries to patrons or employee's walking around a janitor's work area. 

Cleaning service Insurance is a policy that protects the janitorial service provider to the fullest.

Janitors General Liability Insurance Quote

Janitors insurance quotes are available for businesses or self-employed janitors who want to protect themselves or employee's. Getting a quick quote for general liability insurance is important for a janitor's peace of mind.

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