Common Business Risks Janitors Face

Every business comes with risks and threats to the company. Stats show that 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and 30% fail in the first 10. These failures occur due to lack of revenue, shifts in the market, or companies not having enough protection when it comes to business insurance. This is no different for the janitorial and cleaning service business. Due to some of the qualities of the job, these kinds of businesses are subject to many threats that can be damaging to the company’s success. But there are a few ways janitorial business owners can prepare for and prevent negative outcomes caused by these risks.

Damage to Customer Property

When you send your employees to different job sites, there is the possibility of some of your client’s property getting damaged. Sometimes damage is due to carelessness, and sometimes it can be caused by a random accident. In these cases, your client can request that you pay for the damages or they can file a lawsuit against you to get money for the damage.

To prevent these situations, ensure that your employees understand the best practices for avoiding accidents. Teach them to be mindful of their surroundings and take extra precautions around customer property. If damage does occur to customer property, a good janitorial insurance policy may cover any costs related to the damage.

Damage to your Property and Equipment

Just like with customer property, your work property and equipment are also at risk. One of your employees could be using equipment incorrectly which in turn breaks it. There can be a fire at your office building that destroys all of your important information. A reliable janitorial insurance policy could also cover these damages. Replacing this equipment can be costly without one.

If you want to get longer life out of your equipment, ensure that it is being used correctly. Also ask about warranties in case of unexpected malfunctions.

Chemical Exposure

Employees in the janitorial business are often exposed to different chemicals. These chemicals are usually found in the cleaning supplies. If inhaled or accidentally consumed, they become dangerous and even lethal.

To keep your employees safe form hazardous chemicals, be sure that they have the proper equipment for ventilation and breathing: oxygen masks, dusks masks, air purifiers. Employees who are harmed by chemicals will be covered by the Workers’ Comp coverage that comes with your janitor insurance policy. That coverage relieves your business of financial responsibility for your employees’ medical bills and fees. 

Employee Injuries

Similar to chemical exposures, many cleaning service employees are at risk of physical injuries. The can include slips, falls, being struck by equipment, etc.

A Workers’ Comp policy will also cover medical fees related to these kinds of injuries. To prevent harmful injuries, create clear safety guidelines for your employees to adhere to.

Dissatisfied customers

One of the more common detriments to a business is the dissatisfied customer. An angry customer can destroy your company’s reputation. They can be unpleased with your work and request a refund. Also, contract and policy disputes can get in the way of customer satisfaction.

Keeping your customers happy is the most important thing for your business. Be sure to always try to meet their needs and be accurate with their requests. Ensure that contractual guidelines are clear and agreeable. If a customer does seek payment for one of your mistakes, the error & omissions coverage on your cleaning service insurance policy can cover those costs.

Keep your business alive by preparing for these risks. Sometimes these things are unavoidable so it’s good to have janitorial contractor insurance as a safety net. You can see what kind of premiums you’re eligible for by getting an instant janitorial business insurance quote. Protect your company and grow your business by surviving the risks.