What a Janitorial Contractor Agreement Looks Like


Your janitorial business contract is one of the most important parts of your business operations. It lays out everything your client should expect from your business operations. Your contract will come in handy during legal situations and customer service disputes. Your contract holds your janitorial business accountable or absolves your business of responsibility for any losses or in case you fail to follow through on your agreement. Your contract should be thorough. Below we list some of the stipulations your janitorial service contract should include.

Access- You may be required to clean when customers are away from home or the office. This section of the contract breaks down how you will access the related to a customer’s cancellation of scheduled day of service.

Conduct- Employee accountability for your employees is also required to make customers trust your business. This part of the contract will explain how your employees will conduct themselves while they work.

Disputes- This section breaks down how disputes will be handled between the client and your company. This is where you can also break down the specifics to you janitorial service insurance policy so they know what is covered.

Payment- This section breaks down the agreed-upon amount your customer will be paying and the frequency of those payments.

Products- Some customers like to know what cleaning products you will be using. This part of the contract will break that down.

Renewal- This explains the process and policies involved with renewing the contract.

Scope of Service- This part of the contract lays out the type of services you will be offering the customer.

Term- The term states how long you will be providing your customers service before it’s time to renew.

Termination- This breaks down the stipulations and penalties in the event that the customer wants to terminate the contract. You can also state in this section that a contract can be terminated at any time by your company.

A good contract for your cleaning business can help create strong business relationships. When customers know what to expect from your business, they are more likely to trust you. Remember to get every contract notarized by a professional notary. Also remember that insurance can protect you in the event of a contractual loophole or dispute. If you want to know how much coverage you can get for your company, get a janitorial business insurance quote as soon as possible. Build your business and your business relationships with a strong, clear contract.