What is Janitorial Business Insurance

If you plan on owning a janitorial business then you probably already have a business insurance policy. Business Insurance protects certain important aspects of your business. That being said, there are liabilities specific to your janitorial business that standard business insurance may not cover. For this reason, janitorial contractor insurance is necessary for your business.

What’s covered?

Equipment- In the event that your equipment malfunctions or gets damaged, coverage will help cover the cost for repairs or replacement.

Property Damage- If an employee damages any property belonging to a client while on the job, your insurance will cover the costs to fix damages so you don’t have to come out of pocket.

Errors and Omissions- If you make a mistake or the customer is not satisfied with your work, this coverage will pay for the cost of any refund.

Employee Theft- If an employee steals equipment or anything important from your business, this coverage will fund the replacement of the stolen items.

Business Interruption- In case of any natural disaster that prevents your company from operating, this policy will cover income lost during the interruption.

Important Data and Files- Every company should store important information digitally and in hard copy. If there is a reason that any information is destroyed or lost, this coverage will cover the costs accrued by the losses.

Buildings and Contents- Janitorial business are required to keep a home office. In cases where the office and everything on the inside is destroyed by fire, your cleaning business insurance can cover the cost of losses.

If you’re running a janitorial cleaning business, take the extra step and go beyond your standard general liability coverage. Janitor Service Insurance will take care of the more important aspects related to your company while protecting your finances. If you’re interested in getting a policy, go online and get a janitorial insurance quote.