Plumber Insurance Facts

Plumbing contractors appreciate the value of a well-designed residential or commercial plumbing network. When homeowners or business owners plumbing system functions properly they don't even think about it. However, when something goes wrong, they appreciate having a skilled plumber to fall back on to help repair the situation is a owners dream come true in the middle of chaos.

Plumbers insurance works in a similar way for private contractors. Mostly a contractor doesn't even think about insurance till a accident happens on the job, client property damage, or plumber or crew is injured. But to have the support of a skilled insurance company to back you could really relieve the overwhelming brick of stress.

Types of Insurance Available to Plumbers

General liability insurance - is a must for plumbers. It protects plumbers from lawsuits & financial liabilities that come from accidents or mishaps.

Workers Compensation insurance - this covers a plumber who has employees. It covers part of employee's lost wages & medical bills in case the become sick or injured while on the job.

Most plumbers their largest investment is in their tools. Tens of thousands worth of tool sets that if are

lost or damaged, so will be the plumbers livelihood.

Insurance Now

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