Welders Insurance Facts

If you work for yourself as a freelancer or independent contractor you need insurance. Consider if you want mobile welder insurance, general welding insurance, and/or basic business liability. Insurance for welders, sometimes referred to as hot work liability insurance, may range from highly affordable to exorbitantly priced. Considerations include hot work risk, but also business revenue. If you're just starting out, you'll want to ask your agent how to reduce your rate. A higher premium or paying month by month may be easier to adjust to at first. Once your customer base widens and profits increase, you may be able to adjust your coverage.

Primary reason to obtain welder's insurance is to limit financial liability for any damage to persons or property. Welding insurance can also protect against financial responsibility for defective welds that cause damage. As long as insurance premiums are maintained, the welder can file a claim for problems that occur.

Standard liability for welders will include insurance coverage for you as a welder. Your policy won't necessarily cover any part-time employees or subcontractors that you use. Discuss with your agent if you need additional coverage.

The level of public liability coverage required may vary depending on where you live. You'll also want to consider where you're working. If you're doing work for small businesses and residential customers the liability that you'll need to carry will be less than if you're working in large estates, hospitals, schools, or large commercial and industrial buildings.

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